GT12 is a curated small group training program available exclusively at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club.
Get the Power of Group Fitness, with the Results of Personal Training.

  • - 12 stations per session
  • - 12 teams of 2 (up to 24 partcipants)
  • - 12 high-intensity interval training exercises
  • - Burn up to 1200 calories in one week


GT12 is a curated, small group training program that was launched in November 2018, available exclusively at all Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club locations.

GT12 is a dynamic cardio and resistance-training session designed to help you burn over 1200 calories a week, while providing participants an opportunity to build camaraderie and create friendships within the group.

GT12 was developed as a compliment to the various circuit-training programs that are trending in the fitness industry. However, unlike other HIIT regiments,

GT12 is available for everyone from working professionals, competitors and athletes, busy moms, to beginners. GT12 is unique because of its partner element; 12 teams of two, pushing through 12 different workouts in under an hour.

We’re bringing the best, innovative training resources and options to SNFC members to help them achieve their fitness goals.

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